SC-1000A 2/6/10A 12V SpeedCharge Battery Charger

SC-1000A 2/6/10A 12V SpeedCharge Battery Charger

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Brand : Schumacher
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Schumacher's 2/6/10A 12V SpeedCharge Battery Charger is a fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled charger with electronic push button controls to select Charge Rate or Battery Type. Features 10 Amp Fast Charge, which monitors battery condition and adjusts charge rate downward to prevent battery damage; 6 Amp Medium Charge, a self-adjusting charge rate for everyday charging needs that keeps your battery in peak condition; and 2 Amp Slow Charge for charging and maintaining small batteries, and works great for charging motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, and lawn tractor batteries. Includes 50 Amp clamps for top- and side-mounted battery posts, and a sturdy, built-in handle for easy portability. For car, light truck, marine, RV, farm equipment, AGM, gel cell, and deep-cycle batteries.

Technical Specifications

Amperage Rating: 2, 6, 10 amps
Application Type: Automotive
Automatic Charge Rate: Yes
Automatic Shutoff: Yes
Battery Tester: No
Carry Handle: Yes
Conditioning/Desulphation Cycle: No
Cooling Fan: Yes
Cord Length: 76 in
Engine Start Function: No
Height: 2.91 in
Length: 8.3 in
Multiple Batteries: No
Onboard Mounting: No
Rolling: No
Type: Automatic
Voltage: 12 v
Water Resistant: No
Width: 7.16 in

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