12A-A Dry Charged Battery

12A-A Dry Charged Battery


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Brand : Parker Battery
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12A-A Dry Charged Battery: Acid Required

  • Starting power meets or exceeds manufacturer's requirements
  • Spill-proof design
  • Advanced battery technology that eliminates the need to ever add water
  • Holds specific gravity more than 3 times longer than conventional lead antimony batteries

12A-A High Performance wet cell designed is rugged and powerful. The High Performance batteries typically offer true higher cranking amps and additional reserve capacity as compared to other replacements batteries. These batteries are shipped in specially designed packaging which includes the correct amount of electrolyte; end user must add electrolyte and activate battery. Offering vibration resistance and low internal discharge rate, you will achieve longer physical endurance and superior off-season storage potential. However, for long-term storage(30 days or more of non-use), we recommend a maintenance charger.